Belize – a haven for property investors

Belize is often overlooked buy foreign investors looking for property in Europe as it is considered too far away to be viable, crime-ridden or just lacking interest. However the ex-pat community is flourishing there and it is becoming a popular tourist and retirement destination for many.

Belize has a lot of affordable property and real estate for sale – a retirement bungalow in a gated community is only around £40,000. Brand new homes are for sale for as little as £60,000. The property ownership laws in Belize are very similar to UK laws which makes buying property in Belize simple and easy.

Everyone has the right to buy land in Belize – there are no restrictions. A foreigner has the same rights as a local does. There is a huge mix of people in Belize – the main foreign element at the moment are the North Americans, however a large community of Europeans is starting to form.

Belize is a stunning country – it has no racial tension and the countryside is varied, from white, sandy beaches to huge rainforests and Mayan ruins. It has not yet been commercialized or over-developed meaning most of the land is natural and unspoilt. The biodiversity is highly regarded by the government meaning the land should remain unspoilt in the future. The climate is warm and temparate and never gets cold. It does occasionally rain however the rain is normally warm.

The living costs in Belize are a fraction of European country’s costs. Eating out is incredibly cheap making it affordable to eat out at least 2 or 3 times a week – the cheapness of day to day goods makes Belize an attractive place for pensioners as they can easily have a high quality of life on a standard British pension.

Belize is politically and economically stable, and the government have a tough policy on crime making it a fairly safe place to live. The government are keen to promote their country as a tourist destination, so property in Belize will only ever increase in price. As the country is dedicated to keeping the countryside beautiful, it will also remain a fantastic retirement prospect in future years.

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