Island Paradises in Croatia

Croatia is land of many islands and is famed for it’s stunning 1,100 mile stretch of coast known as the Dalmation Coast. It it home to some of the best coastal waters in Europe, luring many tourists to the extensive water sports offered, and drawing sun-seekers to it’s numerous warm, sandy beaches. Croatia is also a land of history – it has lots of ancient monuments including many Roman ruins. In fact, it is predicted that Croatia will be in the World’s top five tourist destinations.

Because of the increasing tourist appeal and the beautiful weather, Croatia is drawing interest from many overseas property buyers. In the tourist hotspot of Dubrovnik, property prices are very high – studio flats regularly sell for more than £100,000 however there are plenty of up and coming areas which are seeing a surge in tourism that are ripe for investment.

One of the most attractive places for investors right now is Brac Island where small developments are currently being built. Varying in size, the average price is around £47,000 and as the tourism kicks off, investors should see a good return on investment. The capital city of Zagreb is also still a good place to buy. It has a mix of modern and old, large and small, and only 75 miles away from the Adriatic Coast makes it a prime location for both business and tourists alike.

If you speak little or no Croatian, it is wise to buy a property in one of the larger cities or in one of the tourist hot spots. This is because in the more rural areas, most people will not speak English and house prices are also unlikely to rise. However, these areas have already seen a large increase in property prices recently and although there is still room for growth, you may want to take a larger risk with a smaller town as in the long run you may end up with a better ROI.

If you do buy a house in Croatia, it is also important to make sure you have all the correct paperwork. Since the Balkan War, many Croatians have left for other lands and can be difficult to track down but it is essential to have the correct paperwork before you finalise the sale.

Although Croatian property is fairly expensive in comparison to other European countries, the beauty, the weather, the culture and the cheap flights over are an immense attraction to tourists meaning that property investment is still a good proposition and Croatia is definitely a place to consider when looking to buy abroad.

If you like to see a list of properties for sale throughout Croatia, please click here

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  1. Louis Lamontagne | Feb 9, 2007 | Reply


    Do you have examples of the type of property that could be bought for 50,000 E near the cities like you are suggesting for foreigners that only speak English or French? I was in Eastern Europe briefly in 2002 and I really like Dubrovnick. I like sailing and I went sailing with a British fellow for a day while I was there. I am two years from retirement and I enjoyed sports and exercise. I loved hiking in the Tratras mountains for two days also. I am also an avid skier and I found the Tatras very affordable for a tourist, since I stayed in a private home. My parents sold real estate and I think that real estate is a good investment. Thank you

  2. Sarah | Feb 10, 2007 | Reply

    Have you had a look at this link –>

  3. Tom | Feb 24, 2007 | Reply

    well if you like sailing i have much coastal LAND FOR SALE along the coast of the ISLAND BRAC in the province of dalmacia, croatia. It is an inheritance. It is beside brac capital supetar, direct 25 minute ferry route to beutiful city of split which can BE SEEN ARCROSS THE WATERS when at the beach

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