A Guide to International Removal Firms

After you have decided to move abroad, it is important to find an international removals company that you can trust. Moving can be a very stressful experience and it is important to find a good overseas removal company. Here at BuyingForeignProperty.com, we have put together a short guide to international removals to help you find a reputed company you can trust.

What do you look for in an overseas removal company?
It is important to look for a removal company who is FIDI and FAIM certified and they should also be a part of the BAR Overseas Group.

FIDI is an international federation of overseas movers which has strict entry requirements. FAIM is an audit program which ensures that the removals company maintains a basic level of competence through employee training and skills, response times, company documentation and procedures, as well as examining the financial stability of the company. By choosing a company who have both of these certifications, you will know that the company meets quality criteria and you are therefore more likely to have your move go smoothly.

Generally speaking, removals company will require payment in advance of shipping (although if you are a regular client, you may be offered credit facilities). To ensure that the money you pay is safe, many companies are part of the Bonded Overseas Group of the BAR. Essentially this means that all household goods shipped by the company are covered by an advanced payment guarantee scheme so if the removals company goes under for any reason, your moves will still be funded by the guarantee scheme.

Therefore, we advise that you look for a company who have all the correct certification and are also a part of a money guarantee scheme to ensure that all potential issues are covered.

The typical moving process
A surveyor will typically visit your home and assess the amount of work required for the removals company. They will make a list of the goods you want moved abroad and will discuss what sorts of requirements you have for the move. A detailed written quote should then be sent to you within a few days of the surveyors visit – we advise that you get two or three quotes to ensure you are paying a fair price for your move. Beware of companies who seem very cheap as you tend to get what you pay for.

Upon acceptance of the quote, dates should be agreed for the packing of your goods and a schedule for the move should be agreed upon. You should also be provided with a contact list should you have any queries or problems. The company should be able to provide any assistance you may require with customs export/import papers and also advise you on any insurance you will need.

On the day of the move, a removals team will move in and start packing up your goods. As they pack, they should be compiling an inventory of the packages before loading your packed-up goods onto their mode of transport. You should be given a destination contact for the delivery at this stage.

On the day of delivery, you goods will be unloaded from the transport, checked off against the inventory and placed into the rooms of your choice. Most companies will also unpack your goods for you and dispose of all the packaging (unless you specify otherwise). If any goods have been damaged or broken, it is important to note them down now to ensure you can get recompense. Otherwise, once the unpacking is finished, your overseas removals is completed.

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