Broom-cupboard living

Property in London is so scarce that broom cupboards are quite literally being converted and sold as flats.

One of the smallest properties in the capital is in the sought after area of Knightsbridge – a stone’s throw away from Harrods. The flor plan shows that the square footage of the flat is a tiny 88 square metres – about the size of a baby’s first room. To live in the flat, you must get used to the space-saver way of living – you must shower whilst standing on the toilet, and your bed is on top of your wardrobe – although there’s only small between yourself and the ceiling, so you must watch your head!

Even more surprising are the prices – this former broom cupboard has recently been valued at £150,000 – an increase in price of £40,000 in the past 5 years alone.

So, if you are looking for a house that everyone will be talking about, and you enjoy the minimalist style, perhaps a broom cupboard could be your home of choice.

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