Seven Top Tips for Selling your Foreign Property

The time may come when you want to sell off one or more of your property investments, or perhaps you are selling a house in your own country to move abroad. Either way, you’ll want to try and attract top prices for selling your property. Wherever your property for sale is, there are a few tips that work around the world.

Here at BuyingForeignProperty, the team have come up with their top tips for getting your properties in tip-top condition to help them sell quickly, and for a good price.

First Impressions Count
You only get one chance at a first impression. Take a look at the exterior of the house with a critical eye – are there any areas which could do with tidying up? Perhaps the house needs painting, the front garden needs tidying, or some more flowers would spruce the place up.

This has to be our top tip. If your house is not clean, people will be put off no matter how nice the bricks and mortar are. Buying properties tends to be an emotional transaction and dirty sinks, grimy work surfaces and tatty carpets will lead to negative impressions. So make sure you either employ a professional cleaner to spruce the entire house up, or scrub until every surface is gleaming.

Ensure the house does not smell, particularly if you have animals. Sometimes, pet owners do not notice that a house smells of their pet. Ask a friend for their honest opinion on the house.

Minimalist is a good look. Make sure surfaces are uncluttered and extra items hidden away. If you have small or dark rooms, consider renting out a storage locked and store some of your furniture there to help brighten the room and make it look larger. The same applies to any clutter that is lying around – if you can’t put it away into a cupboard, ask a friend to store the items for you, or rent a storage locked.

Natural light is a big bonus so try and let the light in wherever possible. Leave doors to rooms open so as much light as possible can get into the house. Open curtains and make sure all your windows are sparkling.

As house buying is normally emotional, ambiance plays a big part in the selling process. Cleaning and de-cluttering are a good start to a positive ambiance. Some people believe the smell of freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee helps – if you choose to do this, don’t go overboard. The smell should enhance, not overpower.

Home Improvements
Do not slack on the home improvements. If there is an area that needs addressing – perhaps one of the rooms needs a coat of paint, or a shelf needs fixing – do it before you show people around. If you leave the DIY, people will feel that the house needs a lot of work doing to it and that it has not been looked after well. Incomplete or poor standards of work will make buyers nervous and may put them off making an offer on the property.

A little personalisation is good however do not go overboard. Too many personal items such as pictures and photos can distract a buyer from the feeling of space. Try and remove some of your personal items from display so that the buyer can imagine themselves living in the property more easily.

Personalising a room by painting it a strong colour may work for you, but it may also put many buyers off. Painting rooms in a neutral colour should not cost a lot of money but will help sell your property as it will appeal to many more people.

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