8 reasons to invest in Morocco

1. The tax regime is sympathetic to overseas property and real estate investors including exemptions from certain taxes for a number of years, and a significatn reduction in other taxes. For UK investors, there is also the ‘double taxation treaty’ between Morocco and the UK meaning where tax is due, you will only pay it once.

2. Vision 2010 is a vision of Morocco’s King and Government where they have pledged to make Morocco a ‘premier destination’ by 2010, doubling tourist numbers to 10 million a year.

3. Infrastructure Improvements are currently underway and Americans are investing billions in new ports. New airports are being opened all over Morocco and there is a lot of investment in new motorways and high speed rail links.

4. A tunnel under the sea is planned between Morocco and Spain. It is expected this will be open in 2025.

5. An ‘open skies’ agreement has been signed by the Government. This guarantees that airports will be of a world class standard bt 2010, in line with their Vision 2010 policy. This will help budget flights from low cost airlines, making Morocco more accessible to a wider number of people.

6. New Developments ‘Dubai-style’ are being planned all over Morocco. All developments conform to strict environmental controls meaning that the over-development seen in places such as Spain should not be a problem, and all kinds of pollution are kept to a minimum.

7. Morocco boasts a year-round warm climate with over 1,100 miles of coastline, most of which is unspoilt. It also has extensive white, sandy beaches and miles of beautiful scenery.

8. Morocco is the latest ‘hot spot’ for celebrities, with the likes of the Beckhams, Jude Law, George Clooney and Brad Pitt having bought there recently. This puts Morocco into the media spotlight and will help tourism in the country.

Because of the reasons outlined above, Morocco is a prime place to invest. With the government’s vision 2010 policy, tourism is set to increase which will also be a big boon for the economy, which will probably push property prices up in the tourist hot-spots.

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