Thailand – Beauty and Culture

The Kingdom of Thailand, otherwise known as Siam, is situated in the heart of South-East Asia. It’s central position means it’s the natural gateway to Myanmar, Indochina and Southern China. There are five major regions – the North is filled with mountains and forests; the Central Plains offer vast rice fields; the North-East is filled with semi-arid farmland; the East has sparkling water and golden beaches; the South houses tropical islands and extended coastline.

Thailand is famed for it’s food, culture and beaches, making the country a tourist magnet. The cost of living is so low that it is a popular destination for many European tourists as well as backpackers from around the World. Offering some of the most stunning scenery in the World, buying property in Thailand could be a great move and investment.

Because Thailand is so popular, it has become one of the World’s major tourism hotspots. If you choose to invest in Thailand, buying properties near one of the hotspots in the country could prove a wise investment as the tourist trade is year-round and there is excellent rental potential. Coupled with a growing economy, in the long-term, you could see huge return on your real estate investment.

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