Arabian Nights in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Dreams, a luxury real estate developer with offices in both London and Bulgaria, has launched a new €100 miliion development aimed at investors from the Middle East. The site chosen is situated on a cliff which overlooks the Black Sea and is set to be one of the most luxurious coastal resorts in Europe. 135 luxury apartments are planned, each with bespoke garden villas based loosely around ancient Arabia. Ten special three-storey villas will then be built in the cliff side to enable to the occupants to have amazing, unobstructed sea views. Community facilities include a luxury spa, gymnasium, golf course and swimming pools, some of which will be cut into the cliff. Glass lifts will traverse the cliffs to enable the residents fast access to the beaches below.

Bulgaria has been chosen as it currently does not have any property like this. Many Middle East investors have expressed an interest in buying property in eastern Europe however nothing to their taste has yet been built. Bulgaria is attractive because it has stunning scenery, and the cost of living is a lot lower than more traditional European property hotspots such as London, France and Spain. Bulgaria is also a natural place for those looking to make a fast buck – since Bulgaria’s invitation into the European Union, property prices have jumped by 20%. With Bulgaria now a part of the European Union, property prices are expected to leap up further during the next couple of years.

Although the initial properties will only be marketed in Dubai, the offer is open to anyone. However the 10 exclusive cliff villas will be offered by invitation only, and it is likely that they will only be offered to top Middle Eastern businessmen.

If you are looking for World-class luxury on a scale never seen before in Europe, you could do worse than to invest in one of the luxury villas up for sale, particularly in a market where property prices are set to be buoyant for the forseeable future.

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