Britain’s first green estate

Britain is planning to build it’s first, totally green estate in the Docklands area of East London. The estate is hoping to have a zero carbon footprint with residents able to grow their own food in purpose-built community greenhouses; power their electronics and gadgets with tree branches; compost their rubbish and recycle in specially built recycling area.

The estate will feature natural power generation through the use of wind turbines and solar panels. Tree branches will be collected from around the east London area and given to the community – these branches will be burnt to help heat and power the estate. Rainwater will be collected around the estate to flush toilets and to water the community plants. Each flat will have their own allotment too and there will be roof terraces for growing vegetables. The flats will also have their own cycle club and car pool/

The development is support by the London Development Agency who have handed the builders some grants to help subsidise the build. Half of the flats have been earmarked for social housing with the other half being sold at commercial rates. Work is due to begin next month.

It is planned that the flats will be constructed from so-called ‘green’ materials – sustainable wood, locally produced gravel and reclaimed concrete, to try and minimise the carbon footprint and to stay in keeping with the project plans and aims.

So, if you are looking for a house which is carbon-beutral with good investment potential, you could do worse than look at this new building project.

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