Crete Gems

Crete is an island with a virtual split. The west of the island is going for the tourists with large developments already underway. The east of the island is less wealthy and is looking at an alternative approach.

East Crete is a lot more peaceful with foreign buyers in the area buying because of the culture – it’s a place where foreigners learn the language and customs and enjoy the wildness of their surroundings. In turn, the locals are welcoming the influx of foreign buyers who are helping to keep the tiny villages alive. Thousands of homes in the region have been left to Mother Nature as many parents have sold their houses to help fund their childrens’ education or careers.

Many of the houses are small and cheap and many are in need of renovation. For just $50,000, you can buy a house with a sea view, mountain spring and garden however you will need to spend money on restoring the property – budgeting the same amount as you paid for the house would be a wise move.

If you are after something a little more modern, an eco-friendly development is already planned, housing a golf course, conference centre and six villages with 7,000 beds. The planned development will ensure that the local flora and fauna do not suffer because of the new construction work.

With plans for the airport in Siteia to start accepting international flights and with many investors and tourists looking for places off the beaten track, prices in the area are slowly starting to increase. This means that buying a house now could see great return on income in the near future.

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