Early snow brings a smile to Alps property investors

Property investors with property in the Alps have had a Christmas present come early with snow falling mid-November, enabling the ski season to get underway a full month earlier than expected.

Traditionally the French Alps ski season starts in mid-December however this year has seen unusually heavy snowfall during November and snow-lovers have been heading to the area to catch some early skiing.

Last season, Alpine resorts suffered slow start to the Christmas snow season – the snowfall was so poor that some early season World Cup races were cancelled – so property investors are pleased that the snow has come early this year as it may make up for any shortfalls caused by the late snow last year. Many investors have seen early birds booking impromptu ski breaks in the last few weeks leading to better than expected rental yields.

The snow in the area is down to the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Last year, there was a positive NAO causing the slow snow fall. It is predicted that the 2007/2008 NAO will be a slight negative, boding well for a good, snowy ski season.

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