Italy – Sustainable Property Growth Good News for Investors

For those looking to buy in more established areas of Europe, Italy looks set to be the next big thing for property investors. In the past few years, property investors have looked towards the Eastern European countries of Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland to try and realise a quick profit. However, attention is turning back towards the more stable and traditional markets and Italy has been marked out as one of the better prospects.

Some of the Eastern European markets are looking a little less stable with quick profits harder to find. With this, many property investors are looking towards more stable economies with good infrastructures already in place combined with heritage and culture. Italy ticks all of these boxes and with the Government’s focus on sustainability within the property market, property in Italy looks set to be a steady, reliable investment.

The Italian government have already laid down plans to tighten building regulations by 2010, and are aiming to achieve zero carbon homes by 2016. Developers must now have special permission if they wish to build certain features, and they are no longer allowed to build on green field sites.

Developers are also not allowed to build beyond the footprint of existing buildings unless significant benefits to the local economy or tourism can be proven. The regulations also affect landscaping – the Italian government is aiming to preserve as much of the country’s natural landscape as it can therefore you are not allowed to bulldoze or build on any natural land such as forests any more.

All of this is good news for property investors as it means that the Government is looking at the future of property development seriously. The new rules ensure that Italy does not become over-developed and it remains a beautiful country, ensuring it will continue to attract large numbers of tourists and therefore help keep the property market buoyant.

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  1. Property Investment In Italy | Nov 18, 2007 | Reply

    Hey! This is really good news for many investors and great to hear that Italy looks to be the next big thing for property investors and it is true that some of the Eastern European markets are looking a little less stable with quick profits harder to find.

  2. Anna | Jan 17, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, I think so and we can do our best!!

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