Le Marche: A cheap alternative to Tuscany

Are you looking to buy in Tuscany but aren’t too keen on the prices? Le Marche (pronounced Mar-Kay) may be the alternative you are looking for.

Up until a few years ago, most property investors would not have looked twice at the region however that is starting to change. Italians themselves are flocking to the region alongside the British. The main attraction of the area is the prices – they are much lower than their surrounding neighbours by up to 40%, and yet the area still has beautiful stretches of coastline and beaches. A one-bedroomed flat will probably cost in the region of $200,000, with a three bedroom three-storey townhouse in the $650,000 region, although it is possible to pick up farmhouses from as little as $100,000.

Transport links are good with a regional airport a short drive away. The area is also steeped in beauty with many of the converted houses and flats in the area retaining original features such as wooden shutters, exposed beams and small balconies. With some believing that nearby Tuscany has been ruined by hordes of tourists and overseas property investors, Le Marche seems the perfect option – an authentic Italian experience without the hordes or tourists or the normal tourist trappings. However, this does mean it is a good idea to ensure your Italian is up to scratch as many people will not speak English as fluently as in the main towns.

For investors, the numbers look to stack up too. In the past five years, property prices in the area have grown by around 5% and it is expected that prices in the area will rise further in the next few years. Rental yields are in the 5-7% range – whilst not astronomic, they are good, sustainable figures.

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