New planning laws for Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Forest and Agriculture has revealed a white paper which introduces planning laws up to the year 2025 with the intention of restricting residential construction in the country.

The white paper covers many of the popular tourist areas such as the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines with the aim of protecting these areas from the large increases in property development.

In the past, most areas had been subject to local planning laws and this has led to hundreds of properties being built. The rapid development has led to concerns that the local environments were suffering and the new proposals are set to ensure that countryside remains a beautiful place to be.

The laws will closely monitor the development of tourism throughout the country and will ensure that it grows in a controlled manner. Agricultural areas, green areas and places of historical and cultural value will be safeguarded to ensure that they do not fall victim to property developers. City development will also be monitored to ensure that cities are not blighted with unsightly, densely populated high-rise apartment blocks.

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