Own a piece of history in Greece

Greece has a rich and diverse history. From ancient times through to modern, people have settled in Greece for it’s amazing weather, stretches of coastline, and mix of country and city life. As the well-known piece of folk-lore goes, “The Gods could have settled anywhere, but they chose Greece.” Owning a piece of Greece real estate can ensure you own not just a piece of history, but also an asset which should make steady and consistent gains whilst also providing a holiday haven.

There are two major types of area to look at when considering a house purchase in Greece – do you want to go for one of the more developed cities such as Athens or Salonika, or would you rather go for one of the tourist areas on the islands and coasts? The choice is mainly a personal choice as both areas perform well, inline with each other.

The cities have a mix of both tourists and locals, giving a healthy rental market. The coastal and island areas tend to be more touristy, therefore do not expect to have your property continually rented throughout the year.

Greece is an ideal place to buy if you are looking for a holiday home, or future retirement home. The country has a thriving tourism industry which looks set to remain steady for years to come. Although property prices in Greece may not show the double digit rises that other European countries are currently experiencing, the market is steadily increasing and is generally considered as a lower risk because of the lack of massive price inflations. If you are looking for a lower-risk property investment in country with 9 months of sunshine and a multi-lingual population, Greece may be the answer.

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