Polish property still hot

Poland still tops the list for many property investors looking to buy abroad. Earlier in the year, research showed that the Polish market was still buoyant with many investors seeing their properties rise by up to 50%. The market has slowed a little but there are still massive gains to be made.

If you are looking to buy in Poland, it is worth looking at some of the smaller towns and cities where property prices are much lower that either Krakow or Warsaw, and have the potential to have the same amount of growth for a smaller initial outlay.

Cities such as Katowice and Gliwice are seeing the same sorts of excellent rates of growth that Warsaw has seen in the past few years, however there is currently lower interest from foreign investors meaning you get your pick of property and there is less rush to buy. Other third tier cities are starting to see higher growth than the large cities as prices are pushed higher and people are looking to buy cheaper properties.

According to a recent survey by Savills, Polish properties are, on average, increasing by 30% a year, making the eastern European country still one of the top places to buy for many property investors.

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