Panama: A perfect paradise for investors

For property investors looking for their perfect coastal property in a slightly more unusual place, Panama may hit the spot. With over 1,400 miles of coast, crystal-clear water and tall coconut palms, Panama is the image of many people’s perfect paradise.

And it could just make financial sense for property investors. Panama has one of the fastest growing economies and tourism in Latin America. Thanks to top notch recreation facilities – facilities which include scuba diving, golf, deep-sea diving, fishing and hiking – it is easy to see why the area is becoming such a tourist hot-spot. The increase is tourism is good news for property investors who are finding it easy to rent out their properties.

Panama is also becoming one of the top worldwide retirement destinations – living costs are low, there is a growing expat community and the climate is good all year round. The growing numbers of people mean that local business is thriving – a Seaworld-style resort is already being built, and Donald Trump is building a hotel with casino and yacht marina. Hollywood is not far behind with several stars buying homes in the country.

Construction to double the capacity of the Panama Canal is already underway, and the city has become an international banki8ng centre – with 150 banks, it comes second only to Switzerland. Again, this is good news for property investors – as the country becomes more popular, house prices will start to rise leaving investors with a good return on investment.

Property prices remain low for the time being with apartments starting from around $40,000, so now is the time to grab a bargain in paradise while you still can!

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