Child-proof your Property and extend your Rental Season

Making your overseas property child friendly could see your rental season extended by a large margin, hence increasing the money you receive each year.

Many property investors expect to see the majority of their rentals happen during the summer months when tourism is normally at it’s peak. Holidays are also often taken around childrens’ school holidays, although families with toddlers will often go on holiday in the shoulder weeks of May, June, September and October, helping increase the rental season. To maximise your returns, it may be a wise investment to make your overseas property as attractive to families with young children as possible in order to capitalise on this market.

It needn’t cost much to make your foreign property child-proof – and it needn’t be conspicuous either. Providing essential equipment such as stair gates, sterilisers and highchairs will be a boon to many families and may help tip a holiday rental booking in your favour.

The child-friendly market is a growing sector therefore it makes sense to spend a little on furnishing your property appropriately. Highchairs, cots, baby monitors and socket guards are readily available and can be tidied away should a family not need to use them.

Parents tend to like to self-cater when it comes to their children therefore they will be grateful if you cater to their needs – hand mixers for purees, plastic plates and cutlery, as well as a small dishwasher will all go down well with mums and dads. If you have a pool, enclose or gate it so that children cannot accidentally wander into the pool.

It is also important not to furnish the property with irreplaceable furniture – accidents happen and furniture gets damaged, particularly where children are concerned, therefore hard wearing yet stylish furniture is a better choice than expensive antiques.

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