PETS (The Pet Travel Scheme)

When it comes to moving abroad, one concern many people have is for their animals. Sometimes, moving abroad isn’t the problem – it’s going back to their own country. Pets often have to be put into quarantine for up to 6 months and the separation is not a good experience for either the animals or the owners.

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a well established, reliable scheme that can help smooth the process. It applies not just to cats and dogs, but to all manner of anumals from ferrets to reptiles to birds. Once an animal has PETS documentation, they can move freely between any country which has signed up to the scheme.

If you are considering moving abroad, it is worth remembering that planning is the key. PETS certification can take up to 6 months to complete so it is wise to plan early. It isn’t cheap either at around $600 an animal, but once the initial cost has been paid, it is a simple, inexpensive process to keep up-to-date with the vaccinations and therefore the PETS certification.

The process involves inserting a microchip underneath the skin – normally on the back of the neck – of your pet. This means that the pet can be identified easily in the case that it gets lost. If they are over 3 months old, they are then vaccinated against rabies. Every time they travel in future, a vet will then just need to administer a quick parasite treatment.

It is important to remember that just because you have PETS certification, it does not mean you can just saunter up to an airport with your animal in a basket. There are limited numbers of airlines and routes that can accomodate animals so again, planning your trip in advance is key.

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