Government reforms good for Moroccan property market

Experts have said that recent government moves to boost Morocco’s economy will make the country more attractive to buying foreign propertys.

The Moroccan government is said to be embarking on a programme of economic diversification which makes the country less dependent on industries such as agriculture, and boosts sectors such as tourism. The reforms could see the north African country becoming a more appealing destination for investors looking to buy property and eral estate overseas.

With the introduction of a new flight path between Madrid and Tangiers by low cost airline EasyJet, the country is becoming ever more accessibly and this bodes well not just property prices in the country, but also rental returns. Several low-cost airlines already fly to Morocco from a number of European destinations however this is the first time that a low cost airline has offered a direct link to Tangiers.

With King Mohammed attempting to attract 10 million tourists to the country each year by 2010, Morocco is shaping up to be one of the hottest countries for foreign property investment.

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