Boosting tourism in the Dominican Republic

To help boost tourism to the country, the Dominican Republic is spending over $25 million on improving it’s beaches. With cuts in flights, the credit crunch and recent power cuts, officials are concerned that fewer tourists are visiting the area therefore they are hoping that their beach investment will not only attract more tourism, but will also encourage foreign property investment throughout the country.

In all, seven beaches will be targeted. 14 million cubic metres of sand will be brought in to spruce up some of the beaches, and buildings which are deemed damaging to the coastal environment will be knocked down.

There are also plenty of other tourism traps planned – many golf courses and spas are already being built, with many investors from Mexico and the US already investing in the country.

All this means that the island, which is the second largest in Caribbean, should be a good bet for anyone looking to invest in a sun-drenched country. Any increase in tourism should push up rental prices, and in the medium-term, real estate and property prices are also expected to grow.

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