Investing in Property in Belarus

Belarus is a flat, marshy country with about 11,000 lakes and is a country with a haunting beauty. It’s a country with a chequered past – however recent years have seen a growth in the economy and it is hoped that this positive trend will carry on into the future.

Belarus’ recent history is a sad one, speckled with tragedy and oppression. Since the 1990s, the country’s government has come under close scrutiny from many countries with questions over unfair elections and concerns that the republic state is actually a dictatorship. Despite this, the people of Belarus are friendly and welcoming and although not a place many would consider investing in, it does have a unique charm. The marshlands in the country hold a great deal of wildlife and the country has some fantastic scenery and architecture.

With the economy growing at a steady race, property prices are also starting to increase and this means that property developers may be able to make excellent returns on investment on Belarus properties. Unfortunately for foreign property investors, foreigners are not allowed to buy property in the country at present. However, the country appears to becoming more liberal and there are hopes that the country will soon allow foreign investors to buy property – for the time being, only those living permanently in Belarus, Belarusian nationals or Russian nationals are allowed to purchase Belarusian property.

Belarus is definitely a country to keep an eye on – should laws change in the near future, with the growing economy and increasing house prices, it is definitely a country where money can be made from property.

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