New land registry process for Greece

Foreign property investors in Greece should be aware of a new programme of registering real estate in Greece which began at the start of the week.

Greece is currently just one of two countries in Europe that does not have a land register and Public Works and Environment Minister Giorgos Souglias has announced a new process for listing millions of unregistered properties around Greece. The new process is expected to see around three million Greeks declaring their properties for inclusion in the first comprehensive land register compiled for the country.

People who own property in 107 areas are required to start submitting paperwork so that their property can be included on the land registry. The deadline for completing the paperwork for people living in Greece is 30 September 2008, whilst those living abroad have until 30 December 2008 to complete all the necessary paperwork.

To register one property costs 35 Euros, with a further 20 Euros payable for extra registrations such as separate storage rooms or parking bays. For property owners who need some help or advice on the forms, there are 76 land registry offices dotted around the country who will be able to help. The forms can also be filled in online.

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  1. Claire | Apr 13, 2011 | Reply

    Greece is a great place to buy a property. It has so much to offer. History, culture, beautiful scenery and an excellent quality of life that is so hard to find nowadays. And there are many people already live here who will testify to that fact. Why not become one of them!

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