Ambitious Tourism Plans for Turkey

Turkey is already a big player in the tourism market however the Turkish Tourism and Culture office want to push tourism in the country even further. To aid this, they have announced ambitious new plans which coincide with the creation of the Turkish Republic in 2023 with the aim of attracting more than 50 million tourists to Turkey each year. It is hoped that by increasing the number of tourists to the country, tourist related revenues will reach over $50 billion a year.

Naturally, changes will need to be made within Turkey if these ambitious figures are to be met. Currently, much of the tourism industry is located close to he coastlines, with many tourists attracted to Turkey because of the glorious weather and beautiful beaches. Turkey aims to increase the number of people working in tourism to 5 million, and hopes to extend it’s aeroplane fleet by 500 planes.

Other areas of the country aside from the beach and coastal regions will be promoted with a strong emphasis on Turkey’s rich history and culture. There are also plans to diversify into more niche fields such as medical tourism, where people come to Turkey for a holiday combined with cosmetic surgery procedures. 10 new conference centres, 40 new marines and 25 new cruise ports are already in the pipeline, with investment in the infrastructure of Turkey sure to be forthcoming.

All of this is fantastic news for foreign property investors in Turkey. With the increase in tourist numbers, rental yields will improve. As the whole of Turkey is being promoted, rather than just the coastal locations, it means that property price growth and rental yields should improve in all areas. This means that buying a property in a less touristy area now may just prove to be the right move – prices will be lower than in the current top tourist areas, and if you choose wisely and invest in an area which has plenty of tourism potential, you should see excellent returns on investment.

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