The Battle of the Two Towers

Dubeed the Battle of the Two Towers, two of the world’s most prestigious high rise buildings, both situated in Dubai, are fighting over the highest real estate prices

The two towers in question are the Burj Dubai, a tower which is set to be the world’s tallest building when it is finished in 2009, and the Trump Tower, which is being billed as one of the most luxurious buildings in the world.

The Burj Dubai is currently winning on price per square foot with current prices hovering at a record $3,450 per square foot. But the Trump Tower is not far behind with prices at $3,267 per square foot. With prices as high as these, it is no wonder that the two buildings are considered to be the most expensive buildings currently in Dubai.

The final height of the Burj Dubai is not yet known, although it currently stands at over 630 metres high. The tower is part of the $20 billion Downtown Burj Dubai project which, when completed, will feature 30,000 apartments nine hotels, nineteen residential tower blocks, a shopping mall and an artificial lake.

The Trump Tower is to be located on the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah. At just 48-storeys high, it will feature 360 apartments, a 300-room five star hotel, private beach, yacht club, tennis courts, pool and gardens.

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