Tiger Woods to design exclusive golf Mexican golf course

Golfing legend Tiger Woods is set to design an ocean-front golf course for a new Mexican property development. The Punta Brava is a private golf and ocean club set on the spectacular Baja Coast. The completed golf course will boast stunning ocean views based on a rocky peninsula that pokes out into the sea.

The project is not Woods’ first – he has also designed courses at the Cliffs at High Carolina in North Carolina, and Al Runwaya in Dubai. However the golf star has said that he is not planning to design lots of courses each year, meaning that any he does design will be all the more prestigious.

“I’m not going to probably design a lot of golf courses over the course of my career,” Woods said. “I don’t have the time to design 10 golf courses a year like some guys do, nor do I want to.”

It is anticipated that the complex will be finished in 2011 and will house around 125 properties, a luxury hotel, a spa, restaurants, a private clubhouse and, of course, a golf course. It is expected that the cheapest property on offer will be around the $3 million mark.

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