100 metre coastline ban welcomed

In January 2008, 14 Mediterranean countries signed up to an agreement where they pledged to stop building less than 100 metres from the coastline. The countries who signed up to the treaty were Algeria, Croatia, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Slovenia, Syria and Tunisia, with Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, Cyprus, Bosnia and Egypt all expected to sign the agreement later this year.

It is believed that around 40% of the Mediterranean coast is cluttered with buildings and infrastructure and unless something is done, it is estimated that over 50% of coastline will be built on in the next few years.

The ban isn’t solely about preserving the coastline – it is also about fighting climate change. As the world warms up, it is expected that the sea level will rise and this in turn could affect any properties built on or near a coast. The ban will also allow areas with stunning coastline to remain beautiful and unspoilt.

It isn’t the first time a coastline building ban has been introduced – France paved the way 22 years ago, setting an example for other countries in terms of heritage and beauty preservation and reducing land grab.

The new legislation, when it comes into force, will be good news for property investors who already own property that has been built inside of the 100 metre area as demand is likely to outstrip supply and this will push the property price up.

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  1. team | Mar 4, 2008 | Reply

    With many buyers wanting a property overlooking the med, what are your thoughts on this news?

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