Abu Dhabi: Rental Sector Booming

Abu Dhabi is fast becoming one of the best places to buy property. Recent figures have shown that the rental sector in the area is booming, with many properties having close to 100% occupancy rates.

According to the latest research, rents in the region have increased by nearly a quarter in the past year. Rental demand is at one of the highest ever recorded and demand is still outstripping supply. Occupancy rates in villas are said to be close to 100 percent, with rents for a villa increasing by more than 50 percent over the past 12 months. All these figures make good reading for those who have already bought property in the area, and the healthy returns are piquing the interest of many other foreign property investors.

Meanwhile, the government has said that they are going to introduce plans to make the area even more attractive to potential property investors. Authorities in Abu Dhabi have outlined plans to introduce more liberal economic policies, whilst the chairman of the department of planning and the economy has said that they are aiming to help support small and medium sized businesses in the region. The entire legal regime is also planned to be revamped to encourage foreign investments to the emirate.

Tourism in the area continues to be strong – a poll by Expedia showed that Abu Dhabi was one of the top holiday destinations in the world. With analysts predicting that the number of tourists to the country will increase by around 8 percent this year, the omens are good for property investors.

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