Bulgarian property market expected to pick-up

The Bulgarian residential property market has slowed in recent months however many industry experts believe that the lull is only temporary. The lack of growth in the Bulgarian property market is due to several factors ā€“ over-supply of new housing, unfavourable credit terms, and overpriced properties on the market. The riskiest type of property at present is in the holiday homes market where many people have already invested, and where many developers have aimed their developments at.

Despite this, some believe that the market will start to grow again in the next few years. There are still good bargains to be picked up too ā€“ location is probably the key factor with popular holiday resorts and city locations still attracting strong rental yields and strong demand from investors.

For the more risk-averse investor, the commercial sector is probably the best area to invest in ā€“ the commercial property market in Bulgaria is still going strong and will probably not see the same sort of lull as the residential market. Investing in cities such as the capital, Sofia, are probably the best bet, with more regional cities such as Varna, Burgas and Pleven also worth a look.

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