Economy predictions good for Cape Verde

Cape Verde is fast becoming a place that interests buying foreign propertys. The islands could become a major hub for international trade and commerce as the former Portuguese colony is situated along an important global shipping route, and has already established a special relationship with the US and EU as well as being a member of the World Trade Organisations.

Cape Verde also has one of the oldest and strongest democracies in Africa and the government are investing in major infrastructure developments throughout the country. With the economy growing by 6.6 percent last year, and many predicting that this year the increase will be around the 7.6 percent mark, the economic future of Cape Verde looks good.

As a growing place for tourism, some investors are turning their eyes to property within the country – it is an affordable destination with strong anticipated capital growth meaning meant overseas property investors can see potential, particularly as prices are low, even in amazing locations.

Although possibly not least risky option on the market, the country does have excellent potential for big returns therefore if you are looking to take a slightly higher risk on your foreign property purchase, Cape Verde may be worth a look.

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