The most expensive square footage in the World

According to a recent survey, London, New York and Moscow are the most expensive cities to live in the World.

Global Property Guide compared 120 square metre apartments across a range of city centres to discover what the average price per square foot was. Central London topped the list with prices in the region of $21,800 to $36,200 per square metre. New York was second expensive with most apartments priced at around $13,260 and $22,920 per square metre, with Upper Manhattan being the most expensive area. Moscow, possibly surprising some at the property prices, came in third with average prices at around $10,000 – $20,000 per square metre.

Unsurprisingly, Paris, Geneva and Barcelona were also amongst the top ten most expensive places to buy, along with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Mumbai.

At the other end of the scale, Istanbul in Turkey was found to be one of the cheapest large cities in Europe to buy, with apartment prices in Bangalore amongst the cheapest worldwide.

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