Changes to Australian Visas

Overseas property investors who are looking to purchase properties or real estate in Australia may be boosted by a change in the Visa rules. From the 1st July 2009, holders of class 410 visas will now be able to work in Australia without restriction. Previously, holders of class 410 visas were restricted to working 20 hours per week only.

Visas issued up until the end of June will still have the restriction attached to them however if the holder reapplies for the visa and it is granted, they will no longer have the work-time restriction.

The change to the Australian visa rules could help overseas property buyers who are keen to move to Australia to live and work but have been unable to do so in the past because of the work restrictions. With new house prices becoming more affordable, the new visa law is expected to attract attention from property buyers who are looking for family homes in Australia.

Sydney remains the most expensive city in Australia to buy property and real estate, whilst Hobart in Tasmania remains the cheapest city to buy properties and real estate.

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