Moving to Cyprus

If you would like to live in Cyprus, you will need to get in touch with the Census Records and Migration Department to register within eight days of entering Cyprus. If you are looking to work in Cyprus for over three months you will require a residence permit which requires registration from the Census Records and Migration Department or the Aliens and Migration Service of the police.

Household/Office Items
The movement of most household and office furniture is permitted into Cyprus on the principle of mutual recognition – that is, every product which has legally been manufactured or marketed in the EU already can be moved to Cyprus without issue.

However anything which could be deemed a risk to Cyprus, for example goods that might endanger Cyprus’ environment, citizens’ health or public policy, may have restrictions on them being brought into the country. There may also be restrictions on the alcohol and tobacco that you can bring into Cyprus. If you have any queries on the items you are moving, it is advisable to speak to Cyprus’ Department of Customs and Excise for more specific help.

There are many freight companies who will be able to handle the logistics of moving your items. Here is a list of our recommended freight companies.

Pets are welcome in Cyprus as long as there is no intention for the owners to sell them on once they reach Cyprus. However animals must be over three months old before they can be imported into the country and the following breeds may not be brought into Cyprus:

Any form of pit bull terrier
Japanese tosa
Tosa Inu
Dogo Argentino
Argentinean mastiffs
Fila Brasileiro
Brazilian mastiffs

Any pet being brought into the country must have a European pet passport and must have been vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to it’s arrival in Cyprus. It must also have been treated for tapeworm with a treatment containing Praziquantel, and against parasites with a treatment containing Fibronil, at least 2 days before arrival in the country.

Any pet being brought into the country must be brought to the attention of the District Veterinary Station. If the animal has not met the requirements, it may be placed in quarantine.

If you have a tourist visa, you can bring your car into Cyprus for up to six months as long as you have valid insurance on the vehicle. If you remain in Cyprus for over six months, you will need to register your car with the local authorities and pay the relevant registration taxes.

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