French Property on a Budget

Many people, especially Brits, would love to own a second home in France – the income tax is significantly lower for those living on pensions and investment income. However with the Euro increasing in strength against the pound and the global financial troubles, some have realised that owning a second home or retiring to France may not be a feasible idea.

However if you are prepared to buy in France in some of the lesser known regions and towns, there are plenty of French property bargains to be had.

One such area is The Gers. The Gers has traditionally seen house prices below the national average. Thanks to a weak property market over the past few months, ‘silly’ offers on French property have also been offered. There are reports that some vendors have been accepting offers of up to 20% under asking price.

There are plenty of different properties to choose from in the area. A partially restored house with four or five bedrooms that needs work doing to it will probably cost in the region of 125,000 Euros. A three bedroom house with little work doing to it will probably cost around the same price.

However the area does come with one drawback – it’s not for those who are into glamorous city life and the nearest large city is around 45 minutes drive. The area is quite rustic and not known for it’s culture. However every village tends to have at least one good restaurant and for those who are looking for a laid-back country life, The Gers is a perfect choice.

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