Malta Property: Well Placed To Weather The Storm

If you are looking to buy an overseas investment property, Malta may be just the place to buy. 2008 saw the best year on the island for tourism thanks in part to an increased tourist marketing campaign and the increasing number of low-budget airlines who fly to Malta. Increased tourism levels are always a good bet for overseas property investors as it means it is more likely that their properties will be rented out.

Malta has long been one of the top destinations for retired people to live however with the increasing number of low-budget airlines flying into the island, more and more young people are also discovering the beauty of Malta for themselves. 2009 will see both easyJet and Ryanair flying new routes into Malta, thus increasing the potential tourists and therefore potential rental income throughout the year.

However it isn’t all plain sailing – Brits make up over a third of visitors to Malta. With the plummeting Pound against the Euro, last year saw a decrease in the number of British visitors to the island. Officials are concerned that should these figures decrease further, the lucrative tourism industry could suffer. However other Euro country visitors are slowly increasing, thus hopefully offsetting the reduced British tourist numbers.

Despite the problems in the global financial climate, the Maltese economy looks strong and well placed to weather the crisis, again making it a good bet for overseas investment properties. Malta also offers a wide range of properties ensuring that a large number of property investors and tourists are catered for: from spas to beaches, activities to cultural.

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