Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffiths Caught up in Illegal Spanish Property Crackdown

Hollywood A-list stars Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths have been ordered to hand back some of their Spanish land thanks to the current Spanish crackdown on illegal properties.

The couple have been ordered to hand over 14,000 square feet of land from their $10 million Spanish beachfront home. The land in question is the area from the beach up to the edge of their 40 foot long swimming pool. The beach will now be given public access.

The Spanish mansion is near Marbella in an area called La Gaviota. The pair bought the six bedroomed villa 12 years ago having rented it for the year previously when Banderas used it to help rehearse for the film The Mask of Zorro. The Spanish villa was given a building license two years previously.

In 2003 the Andalusian High Court ruled that the building license should not have been granted. Last year Banderas was ordered to knock down a 300 square foot wing of the villa. Banderas is currently still in the appeal process, hoping to overturn this planning decision.

The Spanish government are currently cracking down on property that has been given planning permission despite being built on green-belt land. Although several properties were bulldozed in early 2008, a court has ruled that demolition is illegal and so homeowners are now being notified of the issues with their houses. Around 500 miles of Spanish coastline are currently being targeted leaving many Spanish property investors concerned over the status of their investments.

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  1. salamande | Jul 12, 2010 | Reply

    Great post keep up the good work


  2. manuel grimaud | Jul 13, 2011 | Reply

    OK everyone should know that 15 to 20m from water line any shoreline belongs to the public.

    Its such a natural piece of ligallity that I dont know how high profile people get cought up in this.

    But Spain is well known for entrapments like this.

    Yes it is entrapment because the Council’s officials know this… they take their bribes and just close both eyes..till the buck dropps.

    Another crazy system(for example) is that Valencia council is now sending bills to expats in the Ayora Valley because THEY reccon that land bought 4 years ago was bought for too chap a price.

    Four years after you buy a property Valencia send you a bill for the difference betwen what you payed for your land and their estimate of euro 3.61 per m2.

    Who the hell are they to say what land should be bought for. Any simple inded astate agent will tell you that land is worth what it is sold for.

    How can you quantift price of land????? buildings yes… but land???

    Spain especially Valencia is made up of legalized crooks. They miss the Dolce Vita of the past when they just lapped up all the corruption.

    Beware of buying property in Spain.

    The right hand will not accept what the left hand did,, in spain.

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