Own a NYC Apartment from $50

Do you want to own a piece of New York real estate but don’t think you can afford the prices? Never fear – there is a way to ‘own’ a NYC apartment from just $50.

Probably the most famous piece of work in the Queens Museum of Art is their 9,335 square foot scale model of New York City. This model was originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair and features 895,000 structures and shows ever street, bridge and sky scraper in five boroughs.

The museum is now beginning an Adopt-a-Building program where people can ‘own’ one of the model buildings or apartments. It is understood that an apartment will cost from $50 and a single family house will be around $250. Buyers will even be given their own deeds.

The model is not a real-life version of New York City today. In 1992, the model was updated to reflect the skyline and since then, it has not been touched. Thus, the twin towers of the World Trade Center still stand and the luxury towers in Long Island City and the Williamsburg waterfronts do not exist. However for those willing to pay buildings will be added to the model or changed to reflect the building’s current look.

The twin towers will not be replaced by a gaping hole though. The museum has said that they will remain standing until the new skyscrapers planned for the site have been built, and a model of these will then replace the twin towers.

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  1. Estelle | May 6, 2009 | Reply

    Awesome! I’d love to own one of these. Can you only ‘buy’ a building if you are currently living in it?

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