Property Free Coastline Calls in Bulgaria

There are calls from Bulgarian MPs and architects to stop construction along the Black Sea coast .to ensure that the environment around the area is not destroyed and to stop it from becoming one large development.

Water-front properties are always popular and there are concerns that Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast could become the next property hot-spot. Architects and MPs are banding together and called for a 100 metre construction free band from the coastline inwards to stop hotels, residential properties, bars, clubs and other buildings from being built along the coast.

A similar was passed in Croatia a while back which saw a 70 metre building-free zone and saw the demolition of many buildings within the band to help save Croatia’s coast line. It is currently unclear as to whether the calls for the building-free zone would follow this precedent and demolish existing buildings or whether it is a call for preventing future properties being built only.

The construction-free zone would not only help the local environment by ensuring habitats are not bull-dozed in favour of buildings but may also help tourism – too much development may actually put people off as it is hard to see the natural beauty of the coastline. By encouraging developers to build further away, the coastline’s beauty is preserved, thus attracting even more visitors.

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