Why now is a good time to buy property in France

The French property market and German property markets are tipped to be a good place to invest over the next few months as new figures revealed that the country came out of recession in the second quarter.

After 12 months of decline, France’s economy grew by 0.3 percent between April and June against experts’ belief that the economy will continue to slide.

Germany has matched France’s economy with a 0.3 percent GDP rise over the same period.

The figures will breathe hope into the property markets in both France and Germany, and with this, property prices should stop sliding and may even begin to rise again. Investors are starting to feel more confidence in French property and increased interest in real estate in France may lead to more deals being made. The low Euro interest rate may also help boost property sales in both Germany and France.

With the increased investor confidence, now may be the perfect time to invest in a French property or German property as the respective property markets may be at, or close to, their bottom therefore bargains can be bought. With experts predicting that property prices will start to rise again in the near future, it also means that investors should be able to sell on their properties quickly and realise a good profit in a short period of time.

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