Best Places in the World to Live

Are you thinking of buying a second home or planning to live in another country but aren’t too sure where you want to move to? New research may be able to help by showing you the top places to live around the World.

Mercer has looked at cities and countries and marked them on a point-scoring basis to discover where the best places to live in the world are. European cities dominate the rankings with top countries being Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Austria.

The city with the highest quality of living in the world is Vienna, closely followed by Zurich and then Geneva. Vancouver and Auckland are joint fourth. Baghdad is ranked as the worst place to live.

Top European cities to live in are Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt and Bern.

Top Middle Eastern and African cities to live in are Dubai (UAE) and Port Louis (Mauritius). One of the major sticking points for this category is the lack of city infrastructure. Many countries on the African continent also suffer from political and economic unrest making them feature lower on the quality of living scale.

Top Asia Pacific cities to live in are Auckland (Australia), Sydney (Australia) and Wellington (New Zealand). Beijing is also slowly moving up the scale thanks to improvements in the city’s public transport facilities which were implemented in time for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Bangkok and Mumbai are both slipping down the scale due to political turmoil and terrorist threats. Dhaka (Bangladesh) is the worst city in the region.

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