Europe Foreign Property Investment Falls

Property investment across Europe has fallen in the last three months in line with expectations however many foreign property investors are hopeful that the property market will pick up again this year.

Property and real estate investment turnover in Central and Eastern Europe was around 220 million Euros, a third of the amount that was turned over in the last three months of 2008. The major issue appears to be a lack of liquidity of funds- with investors struggling to fine mortgages, the property market in Europe has stagnated.

Most of the investment property transactions took place in Russia and the Czech Republic, with much of the property being commercial (offices and hotels etc) rather than residential properties. Several high quality commercial buildings are expected to be put on the market later in the year across several countries therefore there is hope that the market will pick up towards the latter end of 2009, although the levels of foreign property investment are not expected to rise to 2008 levels, mainly due to the global recession and financing issues.

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