Hurricanes Cause Concern for Foreclosed Properties

Foreclosed properties in the Florida area are becoming a cause for concern as the hurricane season approaches.

Unoccupied houses will not be secured against hurricanes, such as having their garage doors battened down and having their shutters closed. Many are worried that unsecured properties may damage properties around them thanks to flying debris and glass and experts are worried that hurricane insurance may not be honoured in these circumstances.

Should the properties be battered by hurricane force winds and suffer damage, their value will fall further than they are already. It is unclear whether banks or lenders will take measures to employ property management companies to secure the houses ahead of any hurricanes, although many people doubt that these measures will be taken – neighbours of foreclosed properties point out that most lenders don’t even bother with basic maintenance such as mowing the front lawns therefore they hold little hope that the foreclosed properties will be secured against hurricanes.

Although some kind-spirited neighbours are possibly looking to secure the foreclosed properties themselves in a bid to minimise the debris that may blow around their area, touching the property will see them guilty of trespassing.

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