US Property Tours for Chinese Property Investors

Wealthy Chinese are increasingly looking to the US to buy their property investments. As their appetite increases, special overseas buying companies have appeared where potential property investors are jetted to the location of their choice and they have a tour of the most favourable properties for sale.

Many of these property tour companies are holding about one tour per month with tours lasting up to 2 weeks in length with up to 40 people per tour.

Chinese property investors are interested in the country for a number of reasons: the falling prices mean that many properties in the US are now cheaper than in the prime real estate areas in China. Some Chinese investors are also buying for their children – either for children that have already been accepted to study in the US or because they feel owning a property in the country will increase their child’s chance of getting a place at an American University.

China has the fifth largest number of millionaires in the World with 391,000 in 2008 and this figure is expected to grow in the coming years therefore it is little surprise that China is starting to produce a large number of foreign property investors and speculators, particularly given the global financial economy means that they can pick up top-notch properties at bargain-basement prices.

However, it isn’t all plain sailing. Unless these Chinese property investors already have assets in America, it may be difficult for them to purchase. Those from Hong Kong may be OK to purchase, however those whose assets lie solely within China may find it a struggle to purchase American property.

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