Vietnam Unveils Development Masterplan

The Vietnamese Government has unveiled a development masterplan covering the next 50 years which looks set to launch Vietnam as one of the World’s property hot-spots.

The Government has outlined a large construction program for urban development over the next 50 years and has outline major centres which will become urban clusters of satellite areas to help prevent overpopulation in any one area. The first centres to be developed will be the major cities and proposed economic hubs before other areas are developed according to how much of a role they will play in the surrounding region.

The development plan is sensitive to the ecology and environment in Vietnam and places of cultural, architectural or ecological value will be preserved. For areas within cities that hold a lot of history, for example the old quarter in Hanoi, the development is looking to create new buildings which sit well with the old buildings without overpowering them or ruining their cultural heritage. Stringent rules and regulations will also be drawn up to ensure that any future building works around these sites are managed well and to ensure that new buildings take inspiration from the more traditional ones.

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  1. Anne | May 6, 2009 | Reply

    I’m glad to see the Vietnamese government appear to be striking a balance between tourism and not letting the country become over-developed. I went to Vietnam last year and loved it and would love to buy property and retire there!

  2. Tom | Jun 20, 2011 | Reply

    I agree, I’m happy that Vietnam’s leadership is making the country stronger. They are learning from their neighbors mistakes and successes.

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