Morocco: Higher visitor numbers make it an excellent place to invest

Marrakesh, MoroccoMorocco remains an excellent country to buy property in with the number of tourists increasing by 6 percent last year despite the global economic crisis. By comparison, similar holiday destinations such as Spain and Tunisia saw the numbers of visitors decline.

In the past decade, Morocco has managed to double tourist income and there has been heavy investment in holiday properties over this period. The government are doing their bit by actively encouraging foreign investments to help raise up local living standards.

It’s not all good news though – despite the higher number of tourists visiting Morocco in 2009, the income from tourism declined. However experts believe that this is a mere blip and that the tourism income will be back up to predicated levels for 2010.

All this bodes well for overseas property investors: the more tourists, the higher the demand for rental property – and the stronger the market, the better the rental prices will be. With a strong rental market, the buy-to-let market will also increase so prices over the long-term should increase.

Morocco looks set to give overseas property investors who invest now good short, medium and long-term return on investment. Although other countries may out-perform Morocco in these areas, Morocco looks to have a stable property market therefore would be ideal for a property investor not looking to take too many risks.

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