The tallest building in the world opens in Dubai

The tallest building in the world opens in Dubai for business this week. The Burj Dubai is at least 2,683 feet from base to tip – over half a mile high and more than 1,000 feet higher than it’s nearest rival, the Taipei 101.

The steel-ribbed, glass-clad structure also boasts the highest swimming pool in the world which is based on the 76th floor. There are plans for the world’s highest place of worship with a mosque on the 158th floor.

Unfortunately, it’s not the most auspicious time for the Burj to open; Property prices around the world have plummeted in the last year and Dubai property is no exception. The 300,000 square foot of office space in the tower has yet to find any tenants. Mainly residential, the 900 flats (ranging from studios to four-beds) on levels 19-108 were initially snapped up by property investors, selling for between £660,000 and £11 million. Many of these are now worth a lot less meaning investors may have lost millions.

Some facts ‘n’ figures:

  • “Burj” means tower in Arabic
  • 138th floor: Highest single lift run in the world from ground floor at 1,654 ft
  • Double decker express lifts carry 25 people to 124th floor in 60 seconds. They travel up at 25mph but go down more slowly to stop passengers feeling ill.
  • 57 lifts service the building
  • 124th floor: the World’s highest observation deck
  • 158th floor: Plans for a mosque which would make it the highest place of worship in the world
  • Weighs 500,000 tonnes

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