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US vs EU Ski Property Investment

ski property investmentWhen thinking about investing in ski property, the US is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Most often, property investors think more towards the French Alps. However places such as Colorado offer equally good opportunities to those wishing to purchase a ski property investment.

One of the major attractions of purchasing a skiing property in the US rather than Europe is the cost. Since the global recession, US property has tanked and has yet to fully recover. This means that there are more opportunities for investors at both ends of the scale – budget ski properties and luxury skiing properties. Estate agents in Colorado have said that some properties have seen price drops of up to 35pc since their highest point and this has piqued the interest of increasing numbers of international property buyers.

Overseas Property Investors Reminded to Budget For Maintenance Costs

Overseas Property MaintenanceOverseas property investors have been reminded to budget for maintenance bills when looking at their overseas property portfolios.

According to research by the UK’s Post Office International Payments, 40 percent of UK overseas property investors have been stung with unexpected maintenance bills that they hadn’t budgeted for. When looking to buy real estate abroad costs such as tax, stamp duty, professional fees, mortgage payments are property ‘downtime’ are usually included in the budget. However a significant proportion of people forget that a property abroad will likely need some money spent on maintenance each year.

How To Rent Out A Holiday Home

Many people are considering renting out their holiday homes, but how do you go about it? Even if you have the most beautiful holiday home in the world, it will take some effort to get it marketed properly to ensure that holidaymakers rent your holiday property out.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the holiday home is in good decorative order throughout and meets any local health and safety regulations. It is better to have fairly neutral furnishings and decorations to ensure that you don’t put people off. Your holiday home should also not be cluttered by lots of personalised effects – some decoration is required however anything personal like family photos or expensive heirlooms should be locked away out of sight. It is also good to have clean, matching crockery.

UK Visit and Visitor Numbers Fall

According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, the number of people visiting the UK fell in 2008 for the first time in seven years – down 2.7 percent to 31.9 million visits. The last time that the UK saw a decline in the number of visits was 2001. The final quarter of the year saw the most marked change with visits down 13 percent.

The most notable decline in visitor numbers came from the US where visits fell by 17 percent to 3 million.

Manufactured Homes: A Buyer’s Guide

Manufactured homes (a.k.a. prefabricating housing) are a form of housing unit that are built in factories and then delivered to building sites. In the US, the term ‘manufactured housing’ has a special meaning and refers to a house which has been built in a protected environment under a federal code by the HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development). The term ‘mobile home’ is meant to refer to a factory built home produced prior to the 1976 HUD code enactment however the two terms are normally used interchangeably.

5 Rules for buying overseas

Wherever you are buying in the world, if you are buying for investment purposes, there are five golden rules which you should try to abide by.

1. Why?
Why are you buying the property? Are you buying it as a holiday home? For capital growth? Many people see overseas property as a way to make a fast buck – a holiday home for free holidays, and a place you can rent out when you aren’t on holiday with the added bonus that the property price will grow significantly.

A Guide to International Removal Firms

After you have decided to move abroad, it is important to find an international removals company that you can trust. Moving can be a very stressful experience and it is important to find a good overseas removal company. Here at, we have put together a short guide to international removals to help you find a reputed company you can trust.

What do you look for in an overseas removal company?
It is important to look for a removal company who is FIDI and FAIM certified and they should also be a part of the BAR Overseas Group.