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China Property Market Begins To Cool

China’s property market has been booming in recent months and years and this has led to property prices increasing too. In fact, in the major cities in China, property prices are said to have increased at least fivefold over the last decade. However property investors are warning that the property price increases are unsustainable and many are holding back from buying any new real estate in the country.

According to some reports, some developers are now offering discounts of up to 35% on new properties. This has led to some discord as previous investors have paid much higher prices and have not been able to benefit from these new buyer discounts.

Thailand Tops Investment Watch Poll

Forget Spain, France, Florida and the other usual suspects of overseas property, this time it was the turn of Thailand to take the top spot in’s monthly Investment Watch.

The report, which charts the level of interest in the overseas property portal’s listings, saw a condo in Pattaya attract the most enquiries In October. What was it about the luxury Thailand apartment that triggered such a torrent of attention?

China Looks To Curb Soaring Real Estate Prices

In a move to help curb soaring real estate prices in China, the State Council has ordered that banks insist new property purchasers have at least a 30% deposit on their property. The finance ministry has also revealed that some tax breaks aimed at encouraging housing purchases may be scaled back.

These announcements are in addition to those made in April and are aimed at bringing Chinese real estate prices down to more affordable levels.

New Singapore Property Rules

The Singapore Government have announced new anti-speculation market measures over fears that double-digit property price increases are unsustainable in the long-term. The government are hoping that the new measures will create a more stable and sustainable property market.

Singapore properties are amongst the most expensive in Asia with prices rising 5.3% quarter on quarter in the second three months of the year and 5.6% in the first three. Even during the global financial troubles, the Singapore property market continued to grow, bucking the trend of many other nations.

Confusion Over New Singapore Income Tax Rules

Proposed income tax law changes in Singapore have provoked a negative reaction with experts believing the changes will put off prospective real estate buyers.

The Singapore Ministry of Finance have stated that there will be no tax on the gains from an individual who sells a property after 1 January 2010 if they have not sold any other properties in the previous four years. Experts are calling for clarification as the wording leads some to believe that individuals who sell more than one property over a four year period look set to pay more tax.

Concerns Over New Thai Tax Bill

The Land and Construction Tax Bill that will be discussed by the Thai government later this year has had mixed reviews with many fearing that it won’t help the Thai residential property market.

The new bill on land and property tax in Thailand is aimed at helping property owners make better use of their real estate and properties, especially if they own land and property which is currently not in use. Some fear that the new proposals would see land grab opportunities where unused pieces of land would be leased to farmers for agriculture, particularly given the Thai government’s current drive to increase crop growth and to increase the amount of alternative energy sources.

Chinese Property Guide

China is all set to become the biggest economy in the world in the next few decades and many overseas property investors are now looking to China to pick up property before the boom. However with a population of 1.3 billion, where do you start looking?

The first choice of many property investors has to be China’s capital city Shanghai. Many multinational companies have already started locating their regional HQs in the area, and home to 21 million people, there are many different properties to choose from. Shanghai is also undergoing strong infrastructure and development improvements meaning it should be a strong place to invest in property.