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Thailand Tops Investment Watch Poll

Forget Spain, France, Florida and the other usual suspects of overseas property, this time it was the turn of Thailand to take the top spot in’s monthly Investment Watch.

The report, which charts the level of interest in the overseas property portal’s listings, saw a condo in Pattaya attract the most enquiries In October. What was it about the luxury Thailand apartment that triggered such a torrent of attention?

Concerns Over New Thai Tax Bill

The Land and Construction Tax Bill that will be discussed by the Thai government later this year has had mixed reviews with many fearing that it won’t help the Thai residential property market.

The new bill on land and property tax in Thailand is aimed at helping property owners make better use of their real estate and properties, especially if they own land and property which is currently not in use. Some fear that the new proposals would see land grab opportunities where unused pieces of land would be leased to farmers for agriculture, particularly given the Thai government’s current drive to increase crop growth and to increase the amount of alternative energy sources.

Thailand – Beauty and Culture

The Kingdom of Thailand, otherwise known as Siam, is situated in the heart of South-East Asia. It’s central position means it’s the natural gateway to Myanmar, Indochina and Southern China. There are five major regions – the North is filled with mountains and forests; the Central Plains offer vast rice fields; the North-East is filled with semi-arid farmland; the East has sparkling water and golden beaches; the South houses tropical islands and extended coastline.

Thailand’s foreign investment rules to be changed?

Business leaders in Thailand have said that the changes to foreign investment rules suggested by the government were politically motivated and have left many foreign firms facing an uncertain future. Earlier this month, the government proposed closing the loophole in the Foreign Business Act to limit foreign investors to holding less than 50 percent of shares and voting rights within a company. Many international companies have been using this loophole to support their Thai operaions and the proposal has caused concern amongst the foreign investors based in Thailand.