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Paradise Found

The island of St Kitts in the east Caribbean is currently preparing for the cricket World Cup. A pretty island with beautiful, unspoilt views and stretches of perfect beach – golden sands fringed with palm trees -, St Kitts is most people’s view of paradise. This makes it the perfect place to invest. Already, the island’s property’s values have risen by almost double figures every year for the past ten years, and values are set to go even higher.

A guide to buying property in Belize

Belize is a superb country to invest in – the house prices are still cheap, although they are increasing year on year, and the living costs are a fraction of European living costs. Even on a pensioner’s state pension, you can afford to eat out twice a week and still retain a good standard of living. Belize is politically and economically stable with a flourishing European ex-pat community. The weather is warm and the scenery breath-taking. The government are keen to retain the unspoilt nature of the island and are working hard to ensure the biodiversity of the environment is not affected by the growing tourist industry. For these reasons, Belize is becoming one of the top countries of recent months to invest in.

Belize – a haven for property investors

Belize is often overlooked buy foreign investors looking for property in Europe as it is considered too far away to be viable, crime-ridden or just lacking interest. However the ex-pat community is flourishing there and it is becoming a popular tourist and retirement destination for many.

Belize has a lot of affordable property and real estate for sale – a retirement bungalow in a gated community is only around £40,000. Brand new homes are for sale for as little as £60,000. The property ownership laws in Belize are very similar to UK laws which makes buying property in Belize simple and easy.